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Heritage & Restoration

Secondary Glazing

Secondary glazing is a cost effective solution to reduce heat loss and noise levels associated with period windows. It is ideally suited to listed buildings & churches, where it is fitted internally to existing windows. Units are manufactured using low profile aluminium framing, polyester powder coated in a suitable RAL colour. Single glazing is most commonly used as it achieves the benefits below and ensures framing is kept unobtrusive, fitting neatly into existing reveals. If required, double glazing or safety glass can be used. Units can be fixed, sliding, hinged or removable. Our installation team are experts in heritage buildings, churches and shaped windows. We are NI agents for Granada Secondary Glazing systems.

  • Improved thermal performance - secondary glazing draughtproofs existing windows and greatly reduces heat loss through the glass
  • Improved noise insulation - an increased air space vastly reduces outside noise
  • Improved security - the unit creates an additional barrier to entry through the window
  • Improved UV protection - UV damage to paintings/furnishings internally is reduced#