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About Glassmarque

Glassmarque is a family run business, located in Belfast specialising in aluminium framed glass, structural glass, stained glass and window restoration.

With over 25 years in the industry, we pride ourselves on our highly skilled team and our ability to offer a personal and dependable service to our customers. We are the only NI company with both an aluminium department and a restoration/stained glass department in-house.

Key Personnel

  • Stephen Calderwood

    Stephen Calderwood

    Director Decorative
  • Lewis Calderwood

    Lewis Calderwood

    Director Aluminium
  • Karen Calderwood

    Karen Calderwood

    Accounts and Sales Manager
  • Susan Calderwood

    Susan Calderwood

    Marketing and Sales Manager

Health & Safety

We are committed to maintaining and improving our Health & Safety systems and use the services of Benmore H&S Specialists.

  • David Shaw

    David Shaw

    Benmore H&S Specialists