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Recent Projects

Mount Stewart, Co Down

2012/13/14 - Extensive and challenging restoration of an historic National Trust building.

Glassmarque was awarded the contract for the refurbishment and repair of damaged window panes.  The glass used was hand spun Crown glass, to match the original panes, and had to be specially imported from Europe.

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We also restored the roof lights using a specialist glass - low iron laminated toughened safety glass which filters 99.9% of UV rays which will protect the furnishings and paintings in the interior of the building.

The largest roof light, a pyramid was in 2 parts - an exterior glazed pyramid and a flat glazed screen of acid etched glass underneath, which is visible as a glazed ceiling when inside the House.  The exterior pyramid was damaged and leaking and had to be stripped, whilst ensuring the protection of the interior room.  The glass was replaced with low iron laminated toughened safety UV filtering glass and the frame structure on the roof was refurbished to hold the new glass.

The flat glazed screen consisted of antique acid etched panes which were dirty and the frame holding them was damaged.  Each pane had to be removed individually, indexed, acid washed in our workshop and laminated with safety film.  A new polyester powder coated aluminium structure for this had to be constructed to hold the refurbished panels and the individual panes were fitted into the frame on site.

Other roof lights were of different types and shapes - asymetric dome, octagonal box, pyramid.  The same type of framing and glass was used as in the pyramid roof light and new lead work finished off the installation. 

This was a very complicated and detailed project, where at every point the priority was using the right product and method to protect the heritage of the building.

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One of our unique selling points is our years of experience in two very different fields of the glass industry - aluminium and stained glass.  No other company has this combination of talent and skill and it gives us the unique ability to come up with designs and techniques that others would not have the knowledge to carry out. This became very apparent on the National Trust owned heritage/restoration project at Mount Stewart.  

The first part of our challenging contract was the refurbishment of the octagonal pyramid roof lights. The heritage architect specified high tech glass - ultra clear laminated which filters out 99.9% of UV light, thus reducing carpet/painting fading.  However, the architect wanted this high tech glass fitted into the original old roof bars.  This was not an easy task, but one we were able to work with and deliver.

The second aspect of this project was to restore each octagonal laylight (an octagonal glass ceiling) located at the base of each pyramid roof light which housed original and very valuable acid-eched, hand embossed plate glass.  

This required us to both design and install a new grid system frame, a bit like a spider's web, to support the delicate, original glass.  Our powder coated aluminium grid system met, and in fact surpassed, the architect's exacting requirements.  We then needed to remove, trim, clean and apply a safety film to the historic glass before refitting into the new frame.   

Handling such rare and valuable glass requires a specialist site and workshop team.  This can only be accomplished by a company with a broad knowledge and experience of all types and ages of glass and framing.

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